• Today, i visited kali-linux site, i noted that Offensive Security will be publish the new Kali Linux version on Blackhat Vegas 2016. They will hold an event on the 4th of August at the Mandalay Bay hotel, and will be open to all Black Hat pass types. They are going to hold a full day event, featuring several main activity areas :

    Image Source: kali.org
    Image Source: kali.org

    Area 1: Customising Kali ISOs using live-build

    Area 2: Kali Live USB with Persistence and LUKS

    Area 3: Hacking with Kali Linux – Test the tools

    Area 4: The wonderful world of Kali ARM devices

    For more infomation, you can visit Kali Linux official website here.

    I am expecting new feature on next Kali Linux version. And you?