Today marks an important milestone for us with the second public release of our Kali Linux rolling distribution. Kali Linux has been upgraded to 2016.2 version.

What’s new in Kali Rolling?

  • New KDE, MATE, LXDE, e17 and Xfce builds
  • Kernel 4.6, Gnome 3.20.2
  • Kali Linux Weekly ISOs
  • Bug fixes, update, add new tools and OS improvements
    0000699: [New Tool Requests] Add symlink zip2john for John the Ripper jumbo (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003502: [Kali Package Bug] Kali installation fails to configure the package manager (muts) – resolved.
    0003332: [Tool Upgrade] Synaptics touchpad not properly configured in GNOME 3.20 (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003293: [General Bug] Fonts are corrupted, seeing squares instead of characters (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003025: [Kali Package Bug] Problem in Dradis While Opening in Browser (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003480: [Kali Package Bug] Gnome Terminal 3.20.2-3kali1 window shrinks when multiple tabs are open (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003175: [Feature Requests] Missing firmware iwlwifi-7260-17.ucode (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003172: [Kali Package Improvement] Push our vboot-utils to Debian and add arm64 support (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003437: [General Bug] KDE install does not have Kali background (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003446: [Kali Package Bug] Metasploit Framework – pattern_create.rb fails with Gem::LoadError for rex-text after Kali dist-upgrade (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003178: [Tool Upgrade] Upgrade Lynis to v2.2.0 (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003421: [New Tool Requests] Add wifiPhisher tool (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003449: [Kali Package Bug] airodump-ng-oui-update not work (sbrun) – resolved.
    0001109: [Tool Upgrade] Upgrade uhd-images to 3.7.0 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003298: [General Bug] No aircrack-ng compatibility with rt2800lib devices on newer kernels (> 4.2) (muts) – resolved.
    0003356: [Tool Upgrade] Please upgrade snmpcheck to 1.9 – resolved.
    0002436: [Tool Upgrade] fruitywifi: new modules (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003430: [Tool Upgrade] Nmap v7.25BETA1 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003436: [Tool Upgrade] CeWL 5.2 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003427: [Tool Upgrade] Bettercap V. 1.5.6 Available – Fixes Kali Issues (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003429: [Kali Package Bug] Faraday does not not launch (sbrun) – resolved.
    0002976: [New Tool Requests] ident-user-enum (g0tmi1k) – resolved.
    0003353: [General Bug] After update rpcbind and nfs.statd starts to run automatically. (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003396: [Kali Package Bug] Disable couchdb service by default (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003334: [General Bug] MAC changed by macchanger is reset when connecting to an AP (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003286: [Kali Package Improvement] Please fix irpas to get back into Debian testing (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003269: [General Bug] Painting issues in zaproxy with assistive_technologies (OpenJDK) (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003323: [Kali Package Bug] W3af Crashes on Kali linux 2016 with latest package prior to this report (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003367: [General Bug] File selection dialogues not refreshed in zaproxy with assistive_technologies (OpenJDK) (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003405: [Tool Upgrade] mpc 1.4.3 (g0tmi1k) – resolved.
    0003406: [Tool Upgrade] SecList v1.2 (g0tmi1k) – resolved.
    0003385: [Tool Upgrade] exe2hex v1.4 (g0tmi1k) – resolved.
    0003383: [Tool Upgrade] Reintroduce evilgrade after update (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003355: [Kali Package Improvement] Fern WiFi Cracker Ver. 2.3 Available – Fixes Kali Issue (muts) – resolved.
    0003229: [General Bug] Beef-Xss (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003347: [Kali Package Bug] “beef-xss won’t start” (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003338: [General Bug] Unable to start beef-xss system service (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003335: [Tool Upgrade] ZAP 2.5.0 now available (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003333: [Kali Package Bug] Sparta Package Dependency Error (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003339: [Kali Package Bug] dist-upgrade messup with the pyqt4 so after dist-upgrade sparta , creepy are not working didnt checked any other program yet. (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003336: [Kali Package Bug] GoBuster v1.1 Update (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003319: [Kali Package Bug] Websploit fails to load websploit core python modules – resolved.
    0003306: [Kali Package Bug] Arachni fails to run (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003268: [Kali Package Bug] stunnel4 error (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003257: [New Tool Requests] Please upgrade whatweb to v0.4.8-dev Unreleased – resolved.
    0003255: [New Tool Requests] Please package routersploit (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003177: [Tool Upgrade] Upgrade xsser to v1.7 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0002438: [New Tool Requests] gobuster – Directory/file & DNS busting tool (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003292: [Tool Upgrade] Please Update Burp Suite (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003275: [Kali Package Improvement] hackrf udev rule not installed correctly (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003287: [Kali Package Improvement] WPScan Update on Install (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003245: [Kali Package Bug] 2016.1 Rolling Kali configparser issues! (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003274: [Kali Package Bug] kernel panic with latest live images (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003276: [General Bug] 73-special-net-names.rules causes all USB wifi devices to follow MAC based naming (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003222: [Kali Package Bug] Casefile no longer loads (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003041: [Kali Package Bug] King-Phisher Dependencies Missing (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003261: [Kali Package Bug] apktool can’t start after update to 2.1.0+dfsg-1 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003267: [Kali Package Bug] Multiple Sleuth Kit Suite Menu Errors (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003266: [Kali Package Bug] ils-sleuthkit menu error (sbrun) – resolved.
    0002470: [New Tool Requests] Please package hostapd-wpe (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003250: [Tool Upgrade] Please upgrade recon-ng to v4.7.4 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003251: [Kali Package Bug] dictstat menu error (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003249: [Kali Package Bug] NASM shell menu shortcut is wrong (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003252: [Kali Package Bug] volatility menu error (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003179: [New Tool Requests] New Tool Request: BetterCAP – resolved.
    0002460: [New Tool Requests] Bettercap (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003104: [General Bug] EasyScreenCast randomly crashes (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003216: [Kali Package Bug] inetsim creates a normal group instead of a system group (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003027: [General Bug] Missing menu icons in XFCE. (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003195: [New Tool Requests] make dh-make-golang available on arm64 (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003204: [Tool Upgrade] Update commix (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003200: [Kali Package Bug] sipsak error (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003181: [General Bug] webshag update function is broken (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003192: [Kali Package Bug] sqlsus error (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003182: [Kali Package Bug] Kali-linux metapackage depends on unrar which is not set as an alias to unrar-free (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003098: [Kali Package Bug] Upgrade to 2016.2 (Kali-linux-4.4.0 amd64 image) causes boot failure. Grub screen stuck on “Loading to RAM disk”. (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0001871: [Kali Package Bug] Find a way to disable most services by default with systemd (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0002284: [Kali Package Improvement] Medusa crashes when attacking SSH service in multi-threaded (with -t for multi-logins or -T for multi-hots) manner. (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003126: [Kali Package Bug] medusa v2.2 ssh module missing (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003100: [General Bug] Websploit 3.0.0 fails to recongnise more than 4 characters when customizing options for the module wifi jammer (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003085: [Kali Package Bug] mitmproxy crashes with ImportError: No module named frame (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003017: [Tool Upgrade] upgrade to linux 4.4 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003074: [General Bug] debootstrap: Two-staged bootstrapping with –second-stage broken (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0002991: [Tool Upgrade] Update PyInstaller to 3.1 (sbrun) – resolved.
    0003048: [General Bug] Responder error starting SSL server on 443 (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003039: [Tool Upgrade] Kismet (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003035: [Kali Package Bug] whois now missing (g0tmi1k) – resolved.
    0003014: [General Bug] Regression in monitor mode of some Ralink cards with Linux 4.3 of Kali 2016.1 (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003020: [General Bug] network-manager 1.0.10-1 IPv4 route configure bug (rhertzog) – resolved.
    0003515: [General Bug] Upgrade base-files: /etc/os-release shows 2016.1 version instead of 2016.2 in kali-2016.2 iso (rhertzog) – closed.
    0002032: [Kali Package Improvement] Please add the PhantomJS package to the repository tree. (rhertzog) – closed.
    0003097: [General Bug] OpenJDK glitches on Kali Linux 2.0 (rhertzog) – closed.
    0003112: [Kali Package Bug] bundler 1.10.6 packaged with kali-rolling has a bug running the latest metasploit-framework (rhertzog) – closed.
    0002699: [General Bug] problem with metasploit postgresql db (muts) – closed.
    0003092: [General Bug] Mouse doesn’t works (rhertzog) – closed.
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