Linux Kodachi operating system is based on Debian 8.6 it will provide you with a secure, anti forensic, and anonymous operating system considering all features that a person who is concerned about privacy would need to have in order to be secure.
Kodachi is very easy to use all you have to do is boot it up on your PC via USB drive then you should have a fully running operating system with established VPN connection + Tor Connection established + DNScrypt service running. No setup or Linux knowledge is required from your side we do it all for you. The entire OS is functional from your temporary memory RAM so once you shut it down no trace is left behind all your activities are wiped out.
Kodachi is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to:

  • Use the Internet anonymously.
  • All connections to the Internet are forced to go through the VPN then Tor network with DNS encryption.
  • Leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly.
  • Use state-of-the-art cryptographic and privacy tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging.

Kodachi is based on the solid Linux Debian with customized XFCE this makes Kodachi stable, secure, and unique.

How to use it:

    • First option (recommended): Download the ISO file and burn it on a USB flash memory using a free tool like Rufus or Linux Live then boot your PC from it. You will need to boot and press F12 key to get the boot menu and select your USB on old PCS you have to change your BIOS settings to allow the system to boot from USB as the first option.
    • Second option: Download the ISO file and burn it on a DVD using a free tool like DAEMON Tools then boot your PC from it.
    • Third option: Download the ISO file boot it up using Vmware player or Virtualbox.

Review by one of Kodachi users:


To Login as normal user:
Username: kodachi
Password: r@@t00
To Login as super user:
Username: root
Password: r@@t00

If you need to use Sudo command or su as root password is the same:r@@t00

To change the password for the user Kodachi and root in case you want to lock the PC with your own password use the following commands on terminal:

  1. passwd # changes Kodachi password
  2. su
  3. passwd # changes root password
  4. exit

In order to run windows executable files exe you need to install wine use the following commands:

  1. sudo aptget install winebin:i386

If you are intending to present on external screen make sure you boot Kodachi while the VGA or HDMI cable is connected prior to boot process in case you still face difficulties use the following commands:

  1. disper s # for single screen only
  2. disper S # for external screen only
  3. # If toolbar gets messed up press ALT F2 type r then hit enter
  4. # If conky staticts display is messed up from suooprt icons select Repair Screen

To lock your pc CTRL ALT L or type for transparent locker after pressing ALT F2:


Kodachi comes with many pre-installed applications and tools you can also change Tor exit country from one click as well reset your DNS servers from one simple click. You also don’t have to worry about your wireless or display drivers we have included most of the common used drivers and tested them on our mini Lab.

Where to use it:

  • Personal computer desktop or laptop daily use (boot from flash drive or DVD or run it in virtual machine).
  • Corporate computer daily use (boot from flash drive or DVD or run it in virtual machine).
  • Internet cafes (boot from flash drive or DVD).
  • Hotels or during travel (boot from flash drive or DVD).
  • School labs (boot from flash drive or DVD).
  • Any computer that has DVD ROM or USB port and allows to boot from them.

Installation Guide:

      How to install Linux Kodachi permanently on your hard drive:

    • Boot from you USB image or ISO image.
    • On your Desktop Menu Go to -> System -> Refracta Installer -> Use su -> Enter password r@@t00 -> Simple installation -> Run GParted -> Device ->
      Create partition Table -> Apply -> Partition -> New -> Add -> Apply All Operations -> Close -> Close the GParted window ->
      Select partition -> Ok -> Proceed with the installation -> close windows -> y ->
      Configure host and user name !Do not change the username here or you will have problems with Kodachi scripts -> Tick first 2 boxes permit and use sudo as default ->Use current password ->
      OK -> Use current password ->OK ->
    • Reboot and wala you are done now you don’t need the flash drive it will boot from you hard drive.


    • We do NOT recommend installing Linux Kodachi permanently on any PC as it will save all your settings on the hard drive which defeats the main purpose of being an anti forensic OS to know more about forensic please click here
    • Kodachi is a Debian-based live DVD/USB operating system which means that all packages are based on pure Debian repository.
    • Kodachi is open source project under Apache License 2.0 and above all codes used on the system are in plain text bash scripts and included with the ISO package no compiled binaries no hidden Kodachi code is available in GitHub.
    • If you you misuse the Bandwith or host illegal torrent files you will be banned permanently if you think you have been banned by mistake please contact us here .
    • Kodachi is free and will always be but in order to keep it free we would appreciate your support please contact us here if you intend to fund the project .

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