A few weeks ago, a leaked Windows 10 build introduced what many users didn’t actually expect: a green screen of death (GSOD) that was originally believed to replace the traditional blue screen error that’s been around for so long time for many Windows Editions.

GSOD was only spotted by a few users, as critical errors are less frequent these days, but pointed to a change that the Redmond-based tech giant was planning for its operating system. As it was revealed at that point, the green screen of death was specifically introduced for Insider builds, as Microsoft wanted to be able to distinguish preview builds from production ones easier.

The GSOD is now a serious & official thing & the latest Windows 10 preview build officially introduces the new green screen of death, with Windows Insider boss Dona Sarkar confirming that the purpose of the new color is to help make a difference between stable and preview builds.

The creators Update due in April will stick with the blue screen of death, although it goes without saying that you shouldn’t see it anyway, especially since it’s a stable build. But errors do happen, however, so the green one shouldn’t show up on your PC if you’re not running a preview build.