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    Need an article and tutorial about Browser Fingerprinting & OS Spoofing 🙂

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    if you are LAN, you can use beef + bettercap (or mitmf), you can do Browser Fingerprinting.
    For indeep browser fingerprinting, Browser is queried its agent string, screen color depth, language, installed plugins with supported mime types, timezone offset and other capabilities, such as local storage and session storage. Then these values are passed through a hashing function to produce a fingerprint that gives weak guarantees of uniqueness. You can use fingerprintjs2 tool.

    fingerprintjs2 can identify:

    Color Depth
    Screen Resolution
    Has session storage or not
    Has local storage or not
    Has indexed DB
    Has IE specific ‘AddBehavior’
    Has open DB
    CPU class
    DoNotTrack or not
    Full list of installed fonts (maintaining their order, which increases the entropy), implemented with Flash.
    A list of installed fonts, detected with JS/CSS (side-channel technique) – can detect up to 500 installed fonts without flash
    Canvas fingerprinting
    WebGL fingerprinting
    Plugins (IE included)
    Is AdBlock installed or not
    Has the user tampered with its languages 1
    Has the user tampered with its screen resolution 1
    Has the user tampered with its OS 1
    Has the user tampered with its browser 1
    Touch screen detection and capabilities
    Pixel Ratio

    No system is truly secure!

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      I want to spoof my os and browser fingerprint. so what can i do for this? which tool or method is best?

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