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    Here is simple python code for converting a domain to IP Address


    import socket
    import urlparse
    def getIp(domain):
          trytime = 0
          while True:
                          domain = domain.split(‘:’)[0]
                          myaddr = socket.getaddrinfo(domain,None)[0][4][0]
                          return myaddr
                          if trytime>3:
                          return “”

    if __name__==’__main__’:
           www = “”
           hosts = urlparse.urlsplit(www)
           if “:” in hosts.netloc:
                 host = hosts.netloc.split(“:”)[0]
                 port = hosts.netloc.split(“:”)[1]
                 host = hosts.netloc
                 port = ’80’
                 print getIp(host)

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    cyber ghost
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    Hello sir , I am kavish tyagi

    I have a question that I am beginners in pentesting and I am not good in Linux command so should you give m a way or prefer any book or something else by which I understand or learn the commands of Linux or Kali Linux .

    Plzzzzzz sir and sir thanku very much for sharing your knowledge with us thanku very much

    Waiting for postive reply sir..

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