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    sSocks is a package which contains: a socks5 server implements RFC 1928 (SOCKS V5)
    and RFC 1929 (Authentication for SOCKS V5), a reverse socks server and client,
    a netcat like tool, which supports socks5 with authentication
    and a socks5 relay (run a server and send to a another socks5 server).

    – Configuration file
    – Authentication file
    – Generate a connection log file
    – Daemon mode
    – Server support bind mode
    – Socks4 support (if authentication is enable socks4 is disable)
    – Support choose of interface to bind

    – IPV6 support
    – UDP support
    – Stock password with a hash ( md5 or sha256 )
    – GSSAPI auth support ( maybe )
    – Set number of client max ( actually 255 is in client.h MAXCLI var )
    – Add –pid-file option to server
    – ssocks bind localhost, not all
    – SSL implements out of RFC

    – nsocks is a netcat like through a socks5 (usefull to test socks server)
    – ssocksd is the socks5 server
    – ssocks is a socks5 relay, it run a socks server on your localhost interface,
    and relay all data to the server specified in parameter (works but under dev)
    – rssocks is a reverse socks5 server ( POC under dev )
    – rcsocks is a reverse socks5 client ( POC under dev )

    – /etc/ssocksd.conf is server configuration file
    – /etc/ssocksd.auth is password file
    – /var/log/ssocksd.log is default log (specified in configuration file)
    – /var/run/ is create in daemon mode and delete
    when it receive SIGTERM

    More information see man page:
    ssocksd (1), nsocks (1), ssocks (1), ssocksd.auth (5), ssocksd.conf (5)
    rssocks (1), rcsocks (1)

    Ubuntu/debian install:
    dpkg -i ssocks_0.0.*-*_i386.deb

    Warning: This package install the server with init script and start it
    with no authentication in the config file, so everybody can connect on.

    Gentoo install:
    I’ve a ebuild with init script contact me if you want it

    From source:
    ./configure && make

    Warning: don’t content init script


    No system is truly secure!

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