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    anti-forensic tool that writes udev rules for known usb devices and do some things at unknown usb device insertion or specific usb device removal


    usbdeath is a small script inspired by usbkill, “an anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your USB ports and then immediately shuts down your computer”. The main differences are:

    • it is written in bash, so literally anyone with basic programming skills could read through the code and audit it
    • it is not a daemon, just a rule file manipulation script, all monitoring stuff are done by existing udev daemon
    • it uses more identification values for usb devices (if usb device has these values) such as name and serial number


    You should change some options inside the script. Specifically, turn off safe (demo) mode and edit trigger commands (default are sync and poweroff).


    usbdeath action

    where action is:
    o, on – activate usbdeath
    x, off – temporarily deactivate usbdeath
    j, eject – add entry on eject event
    g, gen – generate or refresh whitelist udev rules file
    d, del – delete udev rules file
    t, trigger – trigger event on insertion or removal
    e, edit – edit udev rules file manually
    s, show – show currently connected usb devices

    You should probably put this script in PATH and do not move it after activation, as rules file relies on absolute path to script. You can change this behavior in advanced config section of script though.


    Check out connected usb devices
    usbdeath show
    First run, generate whitelist of connected usb devices
    usbdeath on
    Also add event on ejection of specific usb device, just choose one from the list
    usbdeath eject
    So usbdeath rules are active. You need to insert new trusted usb device, temporarily turn off usbdeath
    usbdeath off
    You decide to permanently add newly inserted device(s) to whitelist
    usbdeath gen
    And activate usbdeath rules again
    usbdeath on
    You are so badass that you can edit udev rules file manually
    usbdeath edit
    You messed up with editing or something went wrong, you decide to delete rules file and start over
    usbdeath del


    No system is truly secure!

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