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    You should use Ruby on Rails to build dynamic website. and here is Why:

    Development Speed: Ruby on Rails has a fast development cycle. It is built for speed. After the initial discussion and mockup preparation, developers can start building high class software. Guided by principles. Ruby on Rails encourages developers to stick with convention and code a clean and high quality application. This is especially helpful for startups who do need fast development of an MVP to raise funds.

    Update Cycle: Rails is the most modern framework compared to other frameworks of Python and PHP. The people behind the framework are continuously working to make sure developers get the modern tools to build application. The nature of the web is such that it quickly adopts modern tools and if you do not keep up, you lag behind fast.

    Community Support: There is a vibrant Ruby on Rails community that makes sure you have all the desired features and functionalities. These community plugin are known are called “Gems” and these are meant to enrich your product.

    Tahar Amine | TheBlaCkCoDeR is a White Hat Hacker, Security Researcher, Penetration Tester and Programmer.

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