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    The WiFi Guard Dog project is a complete and embeddable captive portal solution for wireless community groups or individuals who wish to open a free hotspot while still preventing abuse of their Internet connection.

    More information and the old issue tracker can be found on Nowadays, development happens on GitHub.

    WifiDog Gateway

    WifiDog consists of two parts:

    • auth server
    • client daemon (the gateway)

    This repository contains the client daemon. The client typically runs on embedded hardware, e.g. the hotspot itself. The client is responsible for redirecting the user to the auth server where they may authenticate themselves. Depending on the response of the auth server, the client lifts the access restrictions for the user. Client and server speak the WifiDog Protocol Version 1, with Version 2 being a draft which has not been implemented so far. A detailed description of the login process involving user, client and server is available as a flow diagram.


    See the FAQ.


    Wifidog gateway source

    The wifidog gateway is pretty stable and run on many linux distribution (including OpenWRT on the well known WRT54G from Linksys)

    You can get the latest package on sourceforge page.

    The project is still active on Github

    You can grab the latest source from Git with:

    git clone
    Wifidog Authentication Server source

    *** The development focus has moved to the AuthPuppy authentication server, that replaces the old wifidog authentication server and implements now most of the original functionnalities ***
    After killing off the auth-server developpement, the authpuppy project never really took off as a community project and is now also dead.

    The auth-server has not hit the WifiDog Auth Server 1.0 release yet – However it is not currently in active development!

    You can grab the latest source from Git

    git clone
    PHPdoc Developer Documentation

    The latest version of the PHPdoc documentation for the auth-server can be found here.

    You can get the latest offline package here.


    No system is truly secure!

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